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Giada Scuderi - Dancer

Her dance training begins at the Accademia di Danza Balletto di Sicilia where she studies modern jazz with Kia Gustafson and Roberto Zappala', among others. She participates to workshops held by choreographers such as Steve LaChance and André De La Roche. 

Later, she shifts her interest to new disciplines. She begins studying Caribbean dance, winning a regional prize for Salsa dance B category and participating to nationals semifinals. She also begins her hip hop dance training, with Cristina Pappalardo, which she will continue studying for several years. She takes part to several workshops held by choreographers and dancers such as Mr Byron, Tony Stone, Kris, Swan, Daniele Baldi, Jo Sassi, Joseph-Go and Gas Bembery, and to various group competitions in the Video Dance category, winning some regional contests. Later she joins the Coca Cola Sicily Tour corps de ballet, her very first professional opportunity.

Next is her encounter with contemporary dance and contact improvisation. She begins training with Emma Scialfa and Pucci Romeo, choreographers at the Centro Majazè-magazzino culturale. Since 2009, she has been steadily working with MotoMimetico Company.