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Giorgio Rizzo - composer/musicien

Is a multiethnic percussionist who began his musical journey, starting with contemporary dance, by collaborating with Pina Baush, Marta Graham, Momix, Michelle Ellis, Caterina Genta and Emma Scialfa.

His experience with Oriental dance include collaborations with Le donne di Ararat, les soeur tribales, Salua, Roberta Khalile.

After working as a sideman for F.Califano, G.Ferri, N.D'angelo, Rumba de Mar, Ensamble Etnique and Roberto Angelini, Rizzo begins a personal quest to discover his own sounds.

He goes back to Catania to make the best of all the experience gained throughout his years of study of ethnic and Middle Eastern music; he founds Triatriba and Aptal and works with Terrae, Riveduti e Corretti, Mario Incudine, Hevia and Carlo Muratori.

He also cooperates with MotoMimetico company working together for several creative and educational projects as well as a reinterpretation of Ravel’s Bolero.

He is the author of the soundtrack for the film Meridiano Perduto - A Majaze’ Magazzino Culturale Production.

Musical Studies: Glen Velez, Hossam Ramzy, Birjam Chemirani, Giovanni Imparato.